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Friends! It's great to see you here… It's my wish to make you feel healthy on every plane, be it physical, mental and emotional, or spiritual one. This is done through maintaining harmony and balance in energy stream within your body. I wish you to be in awareness and mindfulness every moment of life. That can be done through activating your light body and magical inner journey called Meditation. I wish to take you to higher dimensions, let you see your future, getting ready for it and receive suggestions from the Divine to derive best out of it.

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The Gaiadon HeartThe Gaiadon Heart

Our Light body is our Divine Consciousness. It manifests as a field of light...
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Healing and certified Reiki learning courses for all levels up to grand mastership...
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Lama FeraLama Fera

Lama Fera is a sacred Tibetan system that connects healer with healing powers of Lord...
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Tarot/Angel TarotTarot/Angel Tarot

Tarot is mysterious yet accurate tool to derive detailed information...
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Different Guided Meditations are taught here. Meditate to create an inner space...
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Many other modelaties in occult studies like Mantra healing, Feng Shuei...
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About Sudhir Sharma

About Sudhir Sharma

Sudhir Sharma is the Facilitator The Gaiadon Heart: Aumkabah Keys of Ascension (All Modules), The Gaiadon Heart is a most amazing pathway to awaken our divine consciousness and activate our light bodies. Since past more than 15 years, as a Reiki Grandmaster, he is celebrating joy of infinite Universal Reiki healing power and love. He is sharing it among numberless persons through healing and teaching them. He works in field of energy healing through various modalities. He is deeply inclined in gaining deep wisdom and teachings hidden in ancient civilizations. As a seeker of Truth since childhood, mysteries of life always attracted his attention. Mantra healing also remained a part of his spiritual teaching and healing journey which based upon Shiva and Shakti tradition. Meditation fascinated him for past more than 30 years and he is going ahead in teaching and self experiencing it. Adding to it, he has wonderful results as an Astrologer. An amazing Tibetan healing system Lamafera was introduced to common masses in the year 2000. Delving into it, as an Advanced Lamafera Master, he is spreading it to those who wish to heal themselves and sentient world. As a Tarot card reader and I Ching expert he experienced unique results. Adding to it, it would be worthwhile to mention Feng Shuei that presented before him amazing results. In all these, he has wonderful experience for past 10 years. In this journey and spiritual urge, he had amazing experiences. Inspired by Osho, he got a wonderful totally different vision towards life, that made him and others bloom. In a divine romance with Buddha and his infinite compassion, he was immensely blessed and fortunate to be in presence of H.H. Dalai Lama and seek his blessings. His life is dedicated to the ascension of whole human race and new dimensions of unconditional love towards all.

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